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The meeting between Tagima and Marutec gave up in 1996. At that time Tagima was a brand already known in the musician’s underground and Marutec was already a major musical imported of equipaments and eletronics known for strength and its fast growing. Gleaming growth opportunities the Marutec Music committed itself to bring a new personality to Tagima with a huge new factory with products and expanded areas to meet the growing Market demands. The major investments began.

Marutec Music acquired the rights to use the Tagima tradmarked in 1996 and in that same year started to buid the Tagima brand nationally. Also began to exhibit its products in major international fairs like MusikMesse Frankfurt (Germany) and NAMM Show in Los Angeles. The new product line Memphis by Tagima was released with new models of bases, guitars and acoustic guitars. The Guitar Institute of Technology (IG&T) has agreed to use Tagima instruments in theis classes, increasing the brand recognition. The Tagima presence at the anual exhibition of Musical Instruments - Expomusic in Sâo Paulo is awaited by hundreds of retailers and thousands of Young consumers in the certainty that they will be introduced to the very best in the world of instruments, including being able to make “test drives” at ease on the spot in all manufactured models and also attend workshops and live concerts of the best Brazilian´s instrumentalists - endorsees Tagima Dream Team. With the considerable increase in Market share, a set of actions has been implemented in the company restructuring to meet the growing demand and through this new organization give to the Company the desired profile : change the factory to a new plant in São Paulo, investments in equipment to increase production, improve work processes, expansion of the sales network and distribuition, advertasing and marketing actions. When all of that are integrated, it helps the growth of enterprise and strengthening the brand nationally.
The greatest and one of the best luthier in the world - The brazilian Marcio Zaganin is currently responsible for production, quality control and development of new products manufactured in Brazil and abroad with the highest standard of quality control. The manufacture of these products in other countries is closely monitored by Company technical representatives and often by Márcio own.
All imported products are checked and exhaut revised by a highly trained luthiers team. What might seem like an adventure became a landmark in the domestic industry history, revolutionizing every manufacturing concepts of quality in Brazil. Tagima is a reference in the Market competing on equal terms with the most famous international brands. Tagima is considered responsible for the eradication of prejudice in relation to the Brazilian musical instruments.
All the prestigie enjoyed by the brand is undoubtedly the result of too much effort, ability and persistence of Marutec/Tagima team as well the musicians of its cast of stars : Juninho Afram (Oficina G3), Edu Ardanuy , Ulisses Rocha, Sergio Hinds, Arthur Maia, Marcinho Eiras, Cacau Santos, Nenhum de Nós, 14 Bis, Seu Jorge among others who recognized, supported and publicized the product quality and also the shopkeepers that make the “ face to face” with the consumers.

Despite many achievements there is no felling of accomplishment, there is a felling of permanet evolution , perfectionism, to make the best guitars, bases and acustic guitars. The Marutec Music is betting on the domestic industry playing a fair game with consumers, costumer, partners and especially with the music. Marutec Music through the Tagima brand intends to always be in evidence when the subject is musical instruments.
Through this continuity spirit Marutec has launched Tagima Acoustic, Tagima Kids, Terra Brasil (Terra Brasil is an ethnic and folk brazilian instruments line as cavaco and viola), Tagima Special and also the innovation and expansion of Signature Series line, created and developed by Tagima and its endorsees frame, one of the most coveted of Brasil.
If you´re looking for an instrument that matches with your needs and tastes “a real machine of your dreams”, know that your journey is over. You will find ours instruments at the best stores in Brazil. And also the best studios, best schools, best shows and in the leading musicians hands....

Tagima Brasil

Márcio Zaganin

The brazilian Marcio Zaganin is currently responsible for production, quality control and development of new products manufactured in Brazil.


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